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Denmark Promotes Sustainability, Natural and Organic Products at Fancy Food Show in New York

6.22.2016  20:23

Fancy Food Show

June 26-28, the Trade Council of Denmark together with Danish Agriculture and Food Council will showcase some of the best Danish products in specialty and fine foods at the Fancy Food show in New York. It is the first time in 15 years that Denmark will be exhibiting at Fancy Food.

A Danish food revolution
In New York, a number of Danish chefs and leaders in the food industry are making their way into the US market, and export of Danish specialty foods is gaining momentum.

“Consumer demands move very fast in the U.S. these days. Consumers want transparency, information about the food they eat and how it is produced. The Danish food and agricultural production is characterized by a high degree of transparency, sustainability and high quality and matches many of the values and trends in the U.S. market. The window is open for Danish companies now,” says head of the Trade Council’s Food Team Anna de Klauman.

Quality, purity and sustainability are key elements in the New Nordic Cuisine, and an exciting new generation of ambitious chefs have reinvented the concept of Nordic terroir and embarked on a journey of rediscovery of herbs, berries, root vegetables etc.

With the highest market share of organic products in the world, Denmark is a leader in sustainability and clean eating. And the organic market is growing, with dairy products, eggs, oatmeal, wheat flour and carrots as the most popular items on the shopping list of Danish organic consumers.

Representatives from the Embassy of Denmark will be present at the Fancy Food Show along with the participating Danish vendors: Nordic Food Export (NFE), Little Miracles, Organic Denmark, Sealand Birk, Elvirasminde, Easyfood Danish Bakery, FlødebollerBisca, Møn, Thise, Nohrlund, Lars & Oliver.

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