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European Union Film Showcase in Washington DC, December 1-18

11.9.2016  17:07
European Union Film Showcase continues its tradition of bringing the best in European cinema to Washington D.C. area audiences. This year's selection of 47 films includes international film festival award winners, European box-office hits and debut works by promising new talents, plus nine U.S. premieres and 14 countries' official Oscar® submissions for Best Foreign Language Film.

American Film Institute and the Delegation of the European Union to the United States presents the 29th edition of the European Union Film Showcase.

Denmark contributes with the movies:

Thurs, Dec. 15, 7:15 p.m.


It's 1720, the Great Northern War is over and young naval hotshot Peter Tordenskjold (Jakob Oftebro, KON-TIKI) is bored. His valet, Kold (Danish TV star Martin Buch), persuades him to take a trip to find a bride, so Tordenskjold begins a grand tour,  recounting battle tales to rapt audiences in town after town, and carousing across Denmark and Germany. In Hanover, however, Tordenskjold's swashbuckling past and bluster catch up with him. His enemies are many, and they demand satisfaction. This rollicking, rip-roaring misadventure recalls the cheeky tone of BARRY LYNDON (1975) and stylish revisionism of MARIE ANTOINETTE (2006).

DIR Henrik Ruben Genz; SCR Erlend Loe; PROD Lars Bredo Rahbek. Denmark/Norway/Czech Republic/Sweden, 2016, color, 98 min. In Danish, German and Norwegian with English subtitles. NOT RATED


The 2016 Oscar® Selection, Denmark: LAND OF MINE [UNDER SANDET]
Sat, Dec. 10, 2:00 p.m.


Spring 1945: After five years of Nazi occupation, Denmark is now liberated. A group of German POWS — recent conscripts from a desperate country, barely teenagers — are given a dangerous assignment by their Danish overseers: comb a local beach and remove the 45,000 mines planted by the German Wehrmacht. Martin Zandvliet's (APPLAUSE) riveting drama depicts a little-told horror of war from its last bitter days, revealing that not all of the killing ended with the arrival of peace.

DIR/SCR Martin Zandvliet; PROD Malte Grunert, Mikael Chr. Rieks. Denmark/Germany, 2016, color, 101 min. In Danish and German with English subtitles. RATED R

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