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Nordic Jazz Festival is finally here!  

6.19.2015  18:27
June 20 – 27, 2015, The Nordic embassies, Dupont Festival/Jazz in the Circle, The Phillips Collection and Twins Jazz Club are excited to present the ninth annual Nordic Jazz Festival in Washington, D.C.

Nordic Jazz presents a rare opportunity to experience five very different world-class Nordic groups and solo artists. Internationally acclaimed performers from Denmark, Finland, Iceland and Sweden will present the modern sound of Nordic Jazz over the course of 10 concerts. The concerts will be held at the Finnish Embassy, House of Sweden, at the Phillips Collection, and additional concerts will be played at the renowned Twins Jazz Club and at Dupont Festival/Jazz in the Circle.


For schedule and tickets: click here



The artists
Nordic jazz artists present a unique sound that emphasizes the natural elements of the Nordic countries with a modern interpretation.
The contemporary Nordic Jazz scene is characterized by improvisation; the music tends to be experimental but melodically strong, with a spacious sound and open song structures. The participants in Nordic Jazz 2015 are some of the Nordic countries’ most creative and interesting artists with strong educational backgrounds, international careers and several jazz prizes in their curricula vitae.


Christian Winther Soul House combines the sound of modern lyricism with swing, energy and engaging performance. The quartet performs original modern music rooted in the jazz tradition and creates a fresh sound that, while steeped in the past, has an eye to the future. Soul House features original compositions by the leader along with jazz standards arranged for the group. Christian Winther has hand-picked some of the leading jazz players of this generation for his quartet.


Árstíðir has toured more than 30 countries while developing and honing their unique sound. The band's unusual instrumentation sets their music apart from everything else you're going to hear in 2015.


The Splendor is a Swedish jazz quartet that strives to give unpolished details and unexpected ideas leading roles in its music. The band members are some of Sweden’s most renowned jazz musicians and their joint CV includes tours in every corner of the world.


Nils Berg Cinemascope is a Swedish jazz trio, basing their music and performances around a movie projector. Some of the members are: a balafon master from Accra, giggling teenagers from Brunei, a shy Japanese lady and her flute, and an Indian dance group with rock hard feet.  



Olli Hirvonen is a Finnish jazz guitarist currently based in Brooklyn, New York. His music reflects the past and the present of jazz, combining influences from the traditional to the more experimental sounds and styles. With a strong emphasis on expression, Hirvonen is not afraid to showcase his varied influences, from jazz to avant-garde, classical, and indie rock.


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