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Danish Architect Bjarke Ingels Designs 2 World Trade Center

6.4.2015  20:41
The Future World Trade Center Site with 2WTC
Courtesy: BIG
A new Danish-designed icon in the Manhattan skyline: Architect Bjarke Ingels will design 2 WTC, announces developer Larry Silverstein

The new BIG building at The World Trade Center site is set to house some of the world’s biggest media companies, including News Corp and 21st Century Fox.

View from BIG's 2 World Trade Center, Courtesy: BIG 

BIG’s design proposal shows a new 2 World Trade Center with outdoor gardens and sweeping views from more than a thousand feet above the city. The gardens are made possible because of the seven staggered blocks, which taken together forms the unusual skyscraper with plateaus in all levels.  In the architectural online magazine Archdaily, you can see the BIG’s visualization of the new 2 World Trade Center.

“We have tried to incorporate a duality, which on one hand is about being respectful and about completing the frame around the memorial, and on the other hand is about revitalizing downtown Manhattan and making it a lively place to live and work;” architect Bjarke Ingels told WIRED earlier this week, “It’ll be pretty epic.”
More about BIG’s design plan for the 2WTC at WIRED.

BIG's 2 World Trade Center, Courtesy: BIG

The World Trade Center site continues to develop. Last week, the One World Observatory opened, and the construction of the office tower 3 World Trade Center and spiked PATH station and transportation hub is in full swing. Now, Bjarke Ingels will join in and design the 2WTC, which is to be built on the blank place on the northeast corner of the complex.
If all goes as planned, the fourth and final skyscraper at the rebuilt World Trade Center site will be open for business by the 20th anniversary of September 11.

BIG is not the only Danish company working on the WTC site. Engineering firm Buckland&Taylor, and affiliate of COWI North America, is providing steel engineering services for the new transportation hub.

World Trade Center Oculus. Courtesy:

Bjarke Ingels is already engaged in several projects that will shape the future New York. His “dry line” will span the entire lower Manhattan, protecting it against future storms like Hurricane Sandy and creating new neighborhoods with recreational areas, public spaces for social activities and more.

The Dry Line by BIG. Courtesy: BIG

Also, BIG’s giant tetrahedron building on West 57th Street, designed for the Durst Organization, is currently under construction, scheduled to open in early 2016.  Ingels calls the building a “lovechild of a courtyard building and a skyscraber”.

Tetrahedron Building on West 57th Street. Courtesy: BIG/Starr Whitehouse

Read more about Bjarke Ingels design of the 2 World Trade Center on Curbed NY .

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