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Rethinking Urban Transportation: How can Cycling and Public Space Contribute to Better Cities?

1.7.2017  00:11
Join the Embassy of Denmark and World Resources Institute (WRI) on January 11th 2017, at event “Rethinking urban transportation: how can cycling and public space contribute to better cities?” and discuss questions as What role can bicycles and other modes of transportation play in addressing traffic congestion? How can public spaces and
streets be designed and provided in a way that is good for all people and the environment?

January 11, 2017

2:00 PM - 4:00 PM

National Press Club, Washington DC




Globally, motor vehicles are on the rise in cities, causing congestion, pollution and traffic fatalities. With 54 percent of the population living in cities globally and nearly 80 percent in the United States, the decisions that political leaders, developers and planners make today have profound impact on the livability in urban areas over the next century.

In American cities, the transportation landscape is changing, with urban cycling growing in popularity and local governments facing the challenge of disruptive technologies like autonomous vehicles and on-demand ride sharing.

This event will highlight the Danish experience in shaping great cities for cycling and public space, and what other cities such as Washington, DC and beyond are and could be doing to make streets more livable and sustainable for all.

Panel 1: What is cycling’s future role in urban transport? How and why have American cities rapidly improved their cycling infrastructure?

Panel 2: How can cities, specifically their streets and public spaces, be planned for people and sustainability in the future? How can they enhance public life, and serve people while also doing things such as provide green infrastructure?

Speakers and panelists include Danish, US and global experts on bicycling and public space:

The event is free. Register and get more information here:

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