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The Embassy - Washington D.C.

We are now accepting applications for internships for the Fall 2019. Deadline for applications is March 1st, 2019.

Interns spring 2019
Interns Spring 2019

This is a list of the internships posted for Fall semester 2019:

Who may apply?
You must be either a Danish or a foreign national enrolled in an education program at a Danish institution of higher education. Danish nationals may also be enrolled in an education program at a foreign institution of higher education. Foreign nationals may be offered an internship provided they have lived in Denmark for a large number of years and are, at the time of application, residents of Denmark and otherwise meet the preconditions. Interns must remain enrolled in an education program at the Danish or foreign institution of higher education during the internship. Interns who already hold a master degree from a foreign university, must be enrolled in a candidate program of a Danish university in order to apply.

Please read the guidelines for trainees at the Danish representations here.

Handel, landbrug og fødevarer

Handel og eksportfremme

Økonomi og indenrigspolitik

Udenrigs-, sikkerheds- og forsvarspolitik

Udenrigs- og sikkerhedspolitik


Presse og kultur

Presse og eksportfremme

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