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Legal, Consular & Administrative Affairs

The Legal, Administrative and Consular Section deals with all matters related to passports and judicial affairs and all administrative matters concerning the embassy.

Please note that children under the age of 12 may apply for passports at the embassy at any time of the year. Adults will usually be referred to the representations in New York, Chicago or Sacramento.


Ms. Heidi Hammer Nielsen
Head of administration & Consular Affairs
Tel: (202) 797-5332


Ms. Mette Bertelsen Scott
Consular Officer & Vice Consul
Tel: (202) 797-5334


Ms. Anne Grete Weisskopf
Senior Administrative & Consular Officer
Tel: (202) 797-5317


Ms. Lene Astrup

Receptionist & Administrative Officer

Tel: (202) 797-5319


Mr. Stuart Kenworthy
Facility Manager
Tel: (202) 797-5385 


Mr. Peter Massey
Ambassador's Driver


Mr. Romeo Asanza
Driver & Facility Maintenance