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Department for Economic Diplomacy

Department for Economic Diplomacy

The Department for Economic Diplomacy at the Danish Embassy follows and reports on US economic-financial development and sectorial policies, incl. energy, food/agriculture and the maritime sector, and promotes Danish policy positions and initiatives. The Department monitors the US domestic political agenda and oversees the Danish Embassy’s relation with the US Congress. Furthermore, the Department follows and reports on foreign economic policy, incl. international trade policy and TTIP, international economic policy and G20 and the IMF, and international energy security issues. The Department also coordinates the Embassy’s work on Arctic issues incl. the American chairmanship of the Arctic Council 2015-17 and US-Danish cooperation in the Arctic.

It is a central task for the Department for Economic Diplomacy to contribute, in cooperation with the Embassy’s Trade Department, to the implementation of the Danish Government economic diplomacy strategy: Facilitating Danish foreign economic policy, promoting US-Danish intergovernmental sectorial policy cooperation to enhance the transatlantic economic relationship as well as mediating political and regulatory framework conditions in the US for Danish export and trade related economic growth in Denmark. The Department cooperates closely with a broad range of US Government and non-government institutions to prepare policy exchanges and visit by Danish Government representatives.

The Department for Economic Diplomacy coordinates press and public diplomacy and promotion of Danish culture. These efforts are based on communication of the work of all Departments at the Danish Embassy and events of various sorts and formats to showcase the Danish political, economic and societal model, Danish organizational and commercial solutions and Danish culture. Public diplomacy and culture thus contributes to the economic diplomacy agenda.


Mr. Niels Heltberg
Minister Counselor
Tel: (202) 797-5368
Fax: (202) 328-1470


Mr. Morten C. Skrøjer
Counselor & Senior Advisor
Tel: (202) 797-5358
Fax: (202) 328-1470


Ms. Mette Kanstrup Petry
Minister Counselor
Tel: (202) 255-5941


Ms. Anna de Klauman
Minister Counselor
Food, agriculture and agroindustries
Tel: (202) 309-0846


Ms. Nina Severin
Assistant to Mr. Lars Bo Møller
Tel: (202) 797-5356


Ms. Ida Bo Jørgensen
Advisor (Maritime)
Tel: (202) 797-5325
Fax: (202) 328-1470


Ms. Pernille Florin Elbech
Senior Public Diplomacy and Press Attaché
Tel: (202) 797-5362


Ms. Jette Renneberg Elkjær
Cultural Attaché
Tel:  (202) 797-5377


Ms. Christiane Lauritzen
Advisor (Economic Diplomacy)
Tel: (202) 797-5367
Fax: (202) 328-1470


Mr. Magnus Ulveman
Press, Communication and New Media
Tel: (202) 230-6530


Ms. Julie Satsie Bojesen
Public Diplomacy, Communication and Culture

Tel. (202) 304-0402


Ms. Anne-Louise Christensen
U.S. Domestic Policy and Economics
Tel. (202) 341-2691


Ms. Tanja Flach Hansen
Food & Agriculture
Tel: (202) 304-6438