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The Trade Department

Trade department

The Trade Council works to generate opportunities for Danish business in the US and assists Danish companies in realizing their potential on the US market.

Through an active and targeted approach, we create value for Danish companies by researching and analysing the market, mapping stakeholders, strong relation building, and by designing a solid strategy for the US market based on knowledge and local insight.


Joan Hentze
Deputy Consul General
Tel.: (212) 705 4953 



Tina Pilgaard
Senior Commercial Advisor
Furniture & Design
Tel.: (212) 705 4948 



Megan Dow, Ph.D.
Senior Commercial Advisor
Life Sciences
Tel.: (212) 705 4915



Jacob Bessmann
Commercial Advisor

ICT (Tech and IT)
Tel.: (646) 725 6221

Anders Lindskov Jensen
Commercial Advisor
Life Sciences
Tel.: (212) 705 4961


Jens Brandt Nellegaard
Commercial Advisor
Tel.: (917) 353 8035

Lisa Aabro Pakkenberg
Commercial Intern
Tel.: (929) 355 3203



Simone Verona Richardt
Commercial Intern
Tel.: (646) 270 8423



Marie Møller Petersen
Commercial Intern
Tel.: (917) 582 9736