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Invest in Denmark

Through active, focused marketing efforts in North America, Asia and Europe, Invest in Denmark gives foreign companies and potential investors a detailed insight into the business opportunities that Denmark offers.

Invest in Denmark’s goal is to make foreign investors aware of the high level of competence and experience within business areas like Information Communications Technology (ICT), Life Sciences and Renewable Energy where Denmark holds proven competitive global strengths. Add to that an excellent geographical location and outstanding infrastructure, making Denmark the ideal hub for Northern Europe.


Mikkel Hagen Hess

Director, Invest in Denmark, North America

Tel.: 917 326 9959


Jens Birk
Deputy Director, Invest in Denmark, North America
Tel.: 212 705 4970


Rebecca Lynn Scheel
Investment Manager
Cleantech and ICT
Tel.: (212) 705 4991

Jannik Grodt Schmidt
Investment Manager
Life Sciences
Tel.: (212) 705 4955

Dorthe Rørbye Jespersen
Investment Manager
Tel.: (212) 705 4959

Anne Lea Nørholm
Investment Intern
Tel.: (929) 442 7769