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Waste and Biogas Advisory

The Trade Council in North America customizes solutions for companies within waste management and recycling.


Americans generate all-in-all 254 million tons of waste every year – and over 50% of it ends up at the states’ disposal sites. However, this is set to change in the coming years, as mega cities all over the US increase their focus on circular economy and the green transition. Furthermore, disposal tipping fees are increasing, especially in the eastern parts of the US, which have created a market for transportation of waste between states. This is not sustainable, and it costs billions of dollars to dispose the large amounts of waste. In order to optimize the waste management, there is a need for sorting, recycling and resource utilization.

This is where the Danish companies enter the picture. Denmark is experienced and skilled within the environmental sector, and The Danish Trade Council in North America recognizes waste solutions as great export potential for Danish companies. The Waste and Recycle Advisory (WRA) has been established in order to support Danish companies export effort to the North American market.


The Trade Council in North America offers a wide range of export programs, and support Danish companies create valuable alliances. We offer two approaches; the alliance program and an individual program.

Alliance Structure

·         3-4 Danish companies create an alliance to combine their competences and bid on tenders with one joint solution. The alliance works together on bids for public or private sector companies in order to optimize waste and recycling solutions in North America.

·         There will be opportunities for the alliance to organize inspiring workshops between Danish and North American stakeholders aimed at sharing industry knowledge and promote Danish waste management solutions.

·         The Danish Trade Council introduces and represents alliance members on different waste conferences and events all over North America.

·         The alliance will be managed by an industry expert from the Danish Trade Council in North America.

Individual Structure – 3 Stages


·         The Trade Council can conduct market analysis for your company, in order to select the ideal market to target.

·         Furthermore, we support the creation of a Go-To-Market plan for a company's operations in North America.


·         The Trade Council can arrange fact finding tours to Denmark for North American stakeholders interested in gaining more knowledge about the Danish waste approaches and inspirational solutions.

·         The Trade Council supports your business development in North America either through smaller operational projects or by allocating a Commercial Advisor as Key Account for your company.


·         We can also provide your company with a virtual office in North America. This includes an American phone number, which the Trade council will manage. Furthermore, provide your company with an address at the Danish Consulate.

·         The Trade Council also rents out office spaces at a Danish Consulate in North America.

·         We can also provide expertise on establishing a legal corporation.

·         The Trade Council can support the establishment of a dealer network in North America.


Andrew Kessler
Senior Commercial Advisor

Waste, Biogas & Recycle

Tel.: +1 (202) 797 5324