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Health & Life Sciences

Denmark recently launched an ambitious growth strategy on life science. Denmark is already characterized as a nation with a strong life science sector. USA is a key player for Denmark in this connection and Texas holds an abundance of opportunities. Texas is thereby a hidden gem for the Danish life science companies.


Texas is home to more than 3,900 life science and research firms. Texas Medical Center is the world's largest medical complex and also has the world's largest children's hospital as well as the world's largest cancer hospital. $1.3 bn. was invested by venture capitalists from 2008-2013 while Texas public institutions of higher education spent nearly $2.5 bn. in 2014 alone on medical and life science research. In the fall of 2015, Texas ranked third nationally for number of clinical trials while the state is home to nine medical schools and holds the second-highest number of hospitals only surpassed by California. 

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Health & Life Sciences

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