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Theater J, Washington D.C., presents the Tony Award winning play: COPENHAGEN

1.10.2017  22:25

In 1941, the German physicist Werner Heisenberg travelled to Copenhagen to meet his Danish counterpart, Niels Bohr. Old friends and colleagues finding themselves on opposite sides in a world war and embroiled in a race to create the atom bomb. Why Heisenberg went to Copenhagen, and what he wanted to say to Bohr, are questions that have intrigued and divided historians and scientists ever since.

Michael Frayn’s Tony Award-winning play about this historic meeting is a classic of modern drama—a meditation on friendship and moral responsibility, intellectually dazzling, and deeply moving that journeys through the realm of science and beyond.

Niels Bohr was a Danish physicist who made foundational contributions to understanding atomic structure and quantum theory, for which he received the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1922. Bohr was also a philosopher and a promoter of scientific research.

"The most invigorating and ingenious play of ideas in many a year. An electrifying work of art. - The New York Times

“Copenhagen” runs January 5 — 29, 2017 at Theater J in Washington DC.

Running time: 2 hours and 30 minutes, including 1 intermission

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